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Final year project is one of the prerequisites for a student to graduate in any tertiary institution in Nigeria. This is applicable to B.Tech, B.Eng, ND, HND, etc. It is not uncommon for students to choose project topics which they know nothing about. Sometimes, students get choked-up with these projects at the last minutes of project defence due to project failures. Sometimes project failures cause students extra year in the institution. At Elon High-tech:

  • We offer project design assistance and advisory.
  • We provide you with lists of project topics from which you can choose from.
  • We can help you choose a project topic.
  • We will follow you through report writing.
  • We can assist you in the design and construction.
  • We can prepare you for presentation and defence.
  • we can help you make money with your project.

We also offer same services to postgraduate students

All these services we offer them to you free!

Meanwhile, here are few things to note as regards your projects:

  1. Start early: starting everything about your project early, gives you space, time and a relaxed mind to make reasonable decisions, carry out changes, finish and prepare for presentation and defence on time. A year gap is not a bad idea.
  2. Choose a supervisor: go and meet that lecturer you would like to work with, tell him your passion for what you want to work on, let him correct and advise you. At the same time, ask him to supervise you.
  3. Choose a familiar project topic: choose a topic you have some knowledge on. Do not choose a topic just because you love how the name sounds or what the system does. Make sure the project has some research value and not just to repeat what others have done before. Focus on the research value your project creates. Choose a topic that is related to your course of study.
  4. Get a team: working alone is not always a good idea, find like-minded person(s) to work with. Working with a team will cut cost, reduce work load, increase knowledge sharing and dispense questions away from you during presentation and defence.



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