From the biggest tech burst till this present moment. Programming has become one of the fastest growing and the most sort after skill in the world.

The skill which is now currently parsed and classified into what we now call IT(Information Technology), has infiltrated every nook and cranny of companies from around the world, making sure that every company now have an IT division.

Amongst individuals, it is now compulsory to have little or more knowledge on programming or coding,as companies are now looking to move into the much anticipated future, which will most definitely hold Technology and AI(Artificial Intelligence) at its core.

What you can do with Programming

Currently, two programming languages amidst many others are at top on the chart of the most used programming language around the world. Which are Python and JAVA.

Java alone is currently used in most high-tech devices, from your Cars, Phones, Computers, TV, thermostat, Calculator, and even to the security alarms in your homes. Reaching tremendous heights, Java is popularly known and used for making mouthwatering apps, programs, and games with good graphic qualities and GUI (Graphical User Interface).

Python on the other hand is quite new, but has also had a big breakthrough and impact in our daily lives. With the power and capacity to handle and store large data, it has grown to become one of the most used programming languages amongst companies making use of big data structures such as Google Inc.etc.

It has paved the future for the creation of Sublime AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) modules, and also with its power and efficiency in creating sublime and outstanding Web Apps such as Instagram and many others, has made it the most sort after among web developers and also currently the most sort after in the world.

What We Offer / What We Do

Now you know what can be achieved with programming and can’t wait to start learning. Are you completely new to programming and have not written or compiled a single line of code in your entire life, or you’ve been around the block and would love to get established and startup something of your own, or you’ve gotten an incredible idea for a new game or an app which you think can shake the world, but you have no clue on what to do and how to get started? If you’re one of those, then this is for you.

At Elon High-Tech, we offer sublime and accurate tutorials on programming for free on our sister website, We also offer one-on-one training (both online and offline) using the best and latest resources, we’ll get you coding and building apps, websites, games, and anything your brain can ever think of in no time. Times and days of training are scheduled to your and our convenience. Our goal is to create an environment to foster high level and creative thinking (“Programming is Thinking not Typing”) to challenge and to solve current economic problems.

With step by step guides and tutorials, our aim is not just to teach but also to offer adequate practicals and projects that will enable you to earn and compete in the current market because “the only way to be the best is by practicing”.

We offer tutorials on:

  • Python Programming
  • Language of the Web (Html, CSS, and Java Script)
  • Programming with Termux
  • Linux Os
  • etc

How to get started learning programming

For starters , all you need is a PC (Personal Computer), internet connection. You’ll find all Free tutorials here. For one-on-one training, you can get in touch via.

  • Telephone no: +2349037096044
  • Email:
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