How to Download Proteus 8.11 Free

To download and install Proteus 8.11 Free, follow the steps below. The link to download the Proteus software free is also given in step 1 below.


Step 2: Extract the zipped Proteus file that you have downloaded

Step 3: Open the extracted file and double click the Proteus file

Step 4: Install the Proteus software

Step 5: Open the Arduino Library file, highlight and copy it.

Step 6: Open your local disk drive and navigate to Program Files (x86) if you are using a windows 64 machine. If you are using windows 32 machine you will have just Program Files.

Step 7: Open Labcenter Electronics, open Proteus 8 professional, open DATA, then open Library and paste the files you copied earlier.

Step 8: Navigate to where the Proteus software launcher is, right click on it and click on properties, then click on compatibility and check the box titled “Run this program as an administrator”. Click apply and OK.

Now you can use your Proteus simulation software to simulate circuit design projects.

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