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Are you looking for where to buy electronic components for your assignment(s), school project(s), personal project(s), electronic device design and construction, final year project(s), repairs and maintenance? as a student, engineer, technician, technologist, lecturer, professor, department, faculty, college, Institution, University and you are looking for where to buy electronic component(s) or where to buy electrical component(s) for your

Are you searching online for who can assist you get the electronic components you need for your work? we are here to assist you.

Where to Buy Electronic Components for your Projects

We can assist you in sourcing the electronic and electrical components you need for your work. We do not only assist with sourcing for the components, we also help you select the best electronic components for your projects, and if you so which, we can help you with the project design.

How we Help you Buy Electronic Components in Nigeria for your Projects

In Nigeria, the markets where most of the electronic components are sold are in Lagos State, markets like Alaba international, Oshodi Market, Army Shopping Arena, etc. Since we are based in Lagos, we will scout all the markets where electronic components are sold to make sure we get you the electronic component you need for your project. We will also take care of the logistics to make sure the electronic components get to a location where you can easily pick them up. In an event where the component you need is not readily available in the market, we will source for the component(s) overseas, just to make sure we get you what you want.

To get started in sourcing the electronic components you need for your project, follow the steps below:

Step 1

Get in touch with us via WhatsApp. Use the WhatsApp button below to get in touch with us.

Step 2

Tell us exactly the electronic components you need and pay the “Scouting fee


After we have had a chat on the components you need and the quantity, we will scout the market to ascertain the availability of the electronic components you need and their prices.

Step 3

We will revert back to you and give you feedback on our findings.


Step 4

You pay for the components and we source the components for you.


Step 5

We test the electronic components in our lab to make sure they are working before we ship to you. If anyone is faulty, we take it back to the vendor and get a working one.


Step 6

We deliver to your location and you pay for the delivery when you go to pick your components.


Just sit back and relax while we do the job of sourcing the components for you.

Contact us today and get your electronic components ASAP.

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