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Difference between Current and Voltage

Labelled diagram of a digital multimeter for measuring Current and Voltage

The difference between Current and voltage is concept that cannot be overemphasized in electronic circuit design. However, to measure either of the two is one thing and to present the values in a comprehensive form is another thing. In this tutorial, we are going to learn: The concept of current The concept of voltage Current […]

Analog and Digital Electronics

Diagram showing various analog electronic circuit design components

Generally, every electronic circuit is either an analog circuit or a digital circuit. Analog circuits are often referred to as “Linear” circuits, we shall get to know why as we proceed. In this tutorial, you will learn: What an analog electronic circuit is What a digital electronic circuit is The meaning of linearity in analog […]

Breadboard: How to Use a Breadboard

Breadboard: How to Use a Breadboard

A solderless breadboard is an electronic circuit design tool that is used for making the prototype (a test version) of a circuit design, to test its workability and correctness, before making a permanent design on a printed circuit board (PCB) or a veroboard (perfboard or stripboard). A printed circuit board (PCB) is what is mostly […]

Electronic Circuit Design Tutorial for Beginners

A lot of people desire so much to know the concepts of electronic circuit design from scratch. Well, designing simple lighting systems with bunch of  light emitting diodes and resistors may not really pose problems, but becoming good at designing complex electronic systems is not a child’s play. Nevertheless, there is no limit to what […]