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About Us

The High-Tech Hub

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We are a High-Tech Hub that offers Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education with focus on “Applied Electronic Systems and Robotics” to both individuals and organisations. We provide basic to advanced electronics tutorials and training for pupils, students, beginners, hobbyists, technicians, engineers, scientists, professionals, teachers, enthusiasts, etc.

On Elonhightech.com, we take you through practical training on basic to advanced electronic Tutorials, Electronic Circuit Design, Nigerian Universities’ practical manual tutorials, Electronic components sourcing, Devices designs and installations, Handling of universities’ final year and graduates school projects and more.

You May Choose to Contact Us For your Training, School projects design and construction, Consultancy and Advisory on electronics, Devices Designs and installation, Electronics Research, have a private training section, Reports of BUGS or Partnership; Be Free to reach us through our Contact Us Page.

Take your Time also To read Our Company’s Privacy Policy regarding to the use of the site.

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